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Top Five Ways Package Design Adds Value

Package design seems simple, right? All you need to do is sell the product by having shelf appeal. Realistically though it requires so much more to make it not only aesthetically pleasing but also to make it effective. Today we will discuss the different pieces of value that package design adds to your product.

1. Gives necessary information — By showing the features/benefits of your product on the package it begins to answer some of the consumer’s questions. Consumers all want to know the same things: what the product is, how to make it work, and why they should buy it. The more answers you can provide them, the more likely they will be to pick your product over your competitors’.

2. Shows personality of the brand — Even though your brand may be small and not recognizable, you can still make it stand out by showing its personality. One of my favorite examples of this is by The Hill Station. As you can see from the products below, the brand’s personality definitely shines through and makes it more relatable and enjoyable to their target market.

3. Appeals to the right people — The key to any form of advertising, branding or packaging for a company is to make sure you are speaking to your target market. The design of the package can greatly determine if you are reaching your target market or alienating it from your product.

For example, if your product were feminine body soap you wouldn’t want to design the packaging like you would for an automotive part. If you did, your target market probably wouldn’t even notice it because they didn’t think it applied to them.

4. Consumers see your product as more valuable — A good example of this is wine bottle labels. Consumers are more likely when trying a new wine to pick one that has the nicer label because they assume it’s a nicer wine. While this logic may not be true, it appears like the company has invested more time and money into their product because it is more valuable.

5. Protects your product — Of course this is an obvious one but it deserves mentioning. Once you send your product out to stores, your customers’ experience with it is out of your hands. You want people to have a positive experience with your product and brand. So if your product is not fresh or damaged due to lack of support in your packaging, you will probably hear their complaints and lose them as a customer.

You never want either of these to happen so creating a package design that protects your product is always a plus!

The Purpose of Package Design

With so many similar products and competition today, you must have great package design. Package design shouldn’t be just a decoration though; it’s a customer’s first interaction with your brand and a valuable part of their experience with your product. So what makes a package design effective?

The purpose of package design is to provoke and communicate emotions. An excellent package design gets the customer to instantly connect with your brand emotionally through style, color, content, and appeal. Figuring out your target market and creating your package design for them is key. Otherwise, if you miss the mark and it doesn’t seem valuable or relevant to your target market, they may never even pick it up off the shelf!

With an estimated 70% of all purchasing decisions made in stores (research by POPAI Global Association for Marketing at Retail) it has become even more important to make sure your package design has shelf appeal.